​Dorian Tool's Quadra Index Tool Post

16th Oct 2023

One of Dorian Tool's most unique and innovative products that stands out in the CNC turning industry is the Quadra Index Tool Post. This product is designed to streamline and optimize machining processes, bringing a unique blend of flexibility, precision, and efficiency to the table.

The Quadra Index Tool Post's distinctiveness lies in its ability to allow the user to index the tool post to four different positions, 90 degrees apart. This multi-positioning capability empowers machinists to have quick and seamless access to multiple tools without needing to manually change the tool holder or interrupt the machining process. By simply releasing a lever, rotating the tool post to the desired position, and then locking the lever back in place, the tool change process becomes substantially faster.

Moreover, the design of the Quadra Index Tool Post ensures that, even with multiple indexing, there's a high degree of repeatability and precision. This ensures that the tool returns to the exact same position every time, allowing for consistent machining results.

For CNC turning operations, where time is often of the essence and efficiency can significantly impact production costs, the Quadra Index Tool Post provides a competitive advantage. By minimizing tool change times and maintaining a high degree of accuracy, Dorian Tool offers a unique solution to some of the most common challenges faced in the CNC turning industry.